Classic II 545
Weight ~73 lbs
Length 17 ft -11 ins
Beam 34 ins
Payload 840 lbs
Cockpit L x W 101” x 16.5”
Assembly time 15 -18 minutes
Packed Dimensions 52”x 14”x 10”
29”x 28”x 10”
Construction A gray reinforced CSM Hull with a water proof breathable Egyptian cotton deck is supported by a hand crafted triple dipped Ash and Birch frame. Assembly is effortless with Klepper’s unique Snap Lock system. .

Adjustable molded foam seat and backrest, perimeter safety line, two air sponsons, deck bungee and carrying toggle. Paddle pockets. Price includes carrying bags.


Spray cover, tarpaulin, ground protection mat, rudder, height adjustable seat or comfort seat, Sailing Package, third packing bag

Usage Multipurpose. The Aerius Classic is the "Classic" of touring kayaks with exceptional storage capacity for extended trips on lakes, open rivers and the ocean.
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